The Light

(from the Gospel of John)

This is a simple song with a simple message.  The Spirit of God will not strive with man forever.  He holds out His hands to us and calls out for us to come to Him, but He won’t hold out His hands to us forever.  He pricks our conscience to turn us back to what is right when we’re in the wrong, but He won’t contend with us forever.  It’s incumbent upon us to have the moral integrity to see the wonders and the goodness of His heart, and all that He has done for us in Christ Jesus.  We’ve got to be honest with ourselves about ourselves, too.  We must not keep abusing His grace without ever really changing, or procrastinating taking action on His call in our lives.

The day and the hour will finally come when He’ll see if we’re ever going to change and give Him our hearts, or not.  The day and the hour will finally come when He’ll see that all who are going to come to Him have come, and He will shut the Book of Life, and add no more new names to it.  Then He’ll say:” All of you who really wanted Me and are covered by the Blood of My Son, come!  You’ll be together with Me in paradise, forever.” 

Then He’ll also say to those who didn’t want Him or didn’t think they needed Him: “Depart from Me to the outer darkness where you will never find Me or anything that is beautiful or good forever.  There, your souls will cry out but I will not hear.  Your arms will reach out to Me, but I will not take your hands.  Because, when you could have seen, you chose look away, and when you could have heard, you blocked your ears.  And when you could have believed Me and honored the sacrifice of My Son, and changed your ways, you refused.”