Who is like God?

This is a hymn and a meditation on the nature and some of the names of God.† The archangel Michaelís name means Who is like God?† There is no one like Him in all the earth, the stars or under he sea.† His names reveal different aspects of His nature, which are not only valuable to know about and to celebrate, but also truth we can stand on in prayer.† The first time the names are sung, the translations are applied to all of us.† For example Jehovah-Shammah, the Lord is among us.† Jesus the fullness of God dwells in Thee.† The second time through I wanted to emphasize the meaning the names have for me.† This time I sing Jehovah-Shammah, the Lord always with me.† Jesus Your Spirit of God dwells in me.†

Itís easy to see these attributes of God abstractly, or in the distance.† But God wants us to take them to ourselves by believing they are for all of us, even for me.† How is it that the Lord is my shepherd?† Is that true about the way I respond to Him?† Does He care about me, or are others more important?† Has He forgotten me?† Iíve seen both positive and negative pride in myself about questions like these.† Positive pride says, ďIím the most important or the best.Ē† Negative pride says, ďIím the most useless or the worst.Ē† But, my life is no longer about me, itís about faith of the Son of God. (Galatians 2:20 RSV)

Believing that the Shepherd is leading me and watching out for me is faith, even if circumstances seem to contradict it.†

Believing that the Lord is my banner makes me bold to proclaim Who is mine and to Whom I belong.†

Believing that the Lord is my righteousness makes me confident that my sins are not only forgiven, but that I can now walk in His righteousness because He has given me a new nature that loves righteousness. †

Believing that the Lord is my healer makes me aggressively walk free from the soul wounds of my past, as well as believe for my health and the health of others I pray for.†

Believing that the Lord is my provider means what He has given is enough for me, and any real lack in my life will be provided for in the future.

Believing that the Lord is my peace means I have a supernatural capacity to trust God in all circumstances.

I do not say that I have attained to perfection in all of these, but the Overcomer in me is teaching me to walk in His ways, by His new nature in me.