My Servant

(from Isaiah 42)

In the first part of the song, God is presenting His Son in the roll of a servant, for us to see.† From this humble position He will bring justice to the nations, because God will uphold Him.† This servant will not accomplish this in His own power, because he will empty himself of what is rightfully His in heaven and take the form of a mere man.† Before His incarnation, Jesus could not die because He was immortal.† Human beings, on the other hand, suffer both afflictions and temptations, and eventually die.† But as a bruised reed, Jesus will not bend.† Knowing what itís like to be a man who is weak, He will not extinguish even the faintest spark of faith in a smoldering wick.† God declares that His servant will not fail in His mission.

In the second part of the song, the Father speaks directly to His Son, about His commissioned purpose of giving sight to the blind, breaking bondage to sin and the darkness of condemnation, and extending Justice to the outermost parts of the earth.† He reminds us also that just as the former things He foretold have come to pass, so shall this new thing He is declaring, come into being.†

These verses remind me not to be discouraged with the struggles in pursuing my own calling.† I must not fail when tempted, but I must overcome.† I have the Spirit of Christ.† His strength will prevail over my weakness.† Iím learning more and more that temptation can be endured.† In fact, the Word says that he that suffers has ceased from sin.† In 1st John it says, ďif we love Him we will keep His commandmentsÖ if we love Him we will overcome the world.Ē† For years I hated this.† I didnít want my disobedience to mean I didnít love Jesus.† That was because I had strong feelings of affection for Him, especially in praise and worship times.† But when I willfully disobeyed, I knew I loved myself more.† I thought I was hopeless because, under pressure, I turned my back on Him.

Then the Lord began to show me that the one who wanted to disobey was no longer me.† He had given me a new nature that wanted to do His will.† I just needed to believe that was true.† As I began to apply this confession of faith to my temptations, I began to learn that Iím upheld by the strength of Christ, when I believe.† When I choose to believe, the faith of the Son keeps me.† And my Father in heaven is pleased with me because I am learning that love is an attitude, not a feeling.† If I walk by my feelings, I will go up and down as my emotions do.† If I walk as if the Word of God is true, I can overcome temptation.† Then, His favor manifests for those around me as well as myself.† I have something to give away to others because God is able to give through me, because I believe.