My Dove

(from Psalm 85:10-13)

Psalm 85 is an appeal made to the Lord to set aside His wrath and forgive His people, to show His unfailing love to us, instead.  But, in order for this to happen, we must repent and not return again to our former sins.  When the truth about our lives is that we are still sinning and resisting the will of God, how can He show mercy and still have His call to righteousness, have any meaning?  How can mercy and truth sit down together when they are far from each other?

When the Lord moves us to pray and fast for a loved one, we must also be willing to take action as well, to encourage, to exhort or even to confront.  Sometimes we must risk the loss of friendship and fellowship of the very one we love, in order to say what must be said.  Jude says, “ be merciful to those who doubt, snatch others from the fire… and to others show mercy mixed with fear…” 

It’s very important for me to listen to the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes He’ll say I should speak, sometimes He’ll want me to be silent.  Sometimes He’ll say I must show mercy, and other times He’ll say I need to get in someone’s face with the fear of God.  With those who are closest to us, we have the most to win or to lose.  With my own son, I’ve known this to be true.  But the winning of heaven over hell is more important than any short run satisfaction to be had by compromising the truth while enabling the continuance of sin, just so I can keep the relationship for what I can get out of it for myself. 

In my song, the Spirit calls out to the conscience of one He loves, who has fallen away.  Tenderly He cries out for His dove to return to Him, that He may lead him out of his sinful state, and once again show His love without rewarding on-going evil.  When real repentance comes, the truth will no longer be apposed to mercy.   Like Psalm 85:10 says: “Mercy and truth will sit down together, and righteousness and peace may kiss one another.”

God knows when we’re ready to change or not.  If we’re determined to follow Him, He’ll give us what is truly fulfilling and good, not just momentarily satisfying.  He will also make a way to break through.  That is, leading us out of the entanglements of sin, and learning how to overcome.  We’ll also know His unfailing love and forgiveness.  We’ll be free of a guilty conscience and enter into His joy.